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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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on capitol hill today. president obama will become only the 17th president to deliver a second inaugural address before leading the traditional parade up pennsylvania avenue to the white house. for more, let's turn things over to "today in the bay's" danielle lee live in washington d.c. now, danielle, set the scene for us. what's the energy like out there. seems pretty exciting. >> reporter: marla, it's very exciting. it was just a couple minutes ago i heard people chanting obama. there is a steady stream of people coming onto the national mall right now. hundreds of thousands already here really people wall to wall in the national mall for several blocks just to give you an idea. many of them are chatting amongst themselves. there are large screens all along the national mall. those right now are airing videos and different inspirational music and so people are watching those. they will be airing the inauguration live as it happens and that will give everyone no matter where you stand along the national mall an up close
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picture of president obama taking the oath of office set to take place before noon today. >> the obama and biden families attending services at st. john's episcopal church. why is this significant to the president? >> reporter: this church that just about every president has made a habit of attending while in office. it's an inauguration day tradition to attend service there before heading here to the west capitol steps. it's something that six presidents did and president obama did that during his first inauguration four years ago. >> obvious question. security has to be tight out there. you said you made your way at 2:00 in the morning and that took time. >> reporter: definitely a lot of security. thousands of service men from out of state came in. there are officers from out of state here assisting with crowd control looking for anything out of place. 150 blocks all around me are
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closed down. really in terms of driving, it's at a standstill. you can't drive into the national mall. you have to be prepared to walk a good distance. i walked half a mile myself. the metros are running but there have been some talk of backups there as well and so people here dedicated to getting here. they want to take part in history. security is very tight as you can imagine with an event like this. there's even a command center with more than 42 different agencies watching and using surveillance. 30-mile no-fly zone dedicated to making sure this event goes off without a hitch. >> the swearing in will take place at 8:20 our time at the capitol. the president's inaugural address takes place a half hour later. the ceremony will also incde musical performances from james taylor, kelly clarkson and beyonce. the inaugural parade at 11:40
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and the inaugural ball at 4:30 our time. we'll have our political analyst here just a few minutes from now. a monumental bash in d.c. and back in the bay area a celebration that stretched into the wee hours this morning and we're all sure it will last over the next two weeks. the 49ers now heading to the super bowl. >> he makes the catch. it's knocked down. the game is over. the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> that's right. the niners come out on top after a big-time second half push. they beat the falcons to take this one 28-24. this morning the niners are back home in their own beds in the bay area after catching a late flight. we're not really sure how much sleep any of them actually got. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live at the team store at town and country in palo alto where merchandise right there is
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stocked. they just have that stuff flying on the she was and flying off. >> reporter: that's the idea. when they open here in a few hours at 9:00. they say the team isn't getting much sleep and fans probably aren't either. there will be a line out here trying to get caps and shirts declaring 49ers nfc champions. the champ's plane arrived around 11:45 last night. by the time their buses rolled into headquarters not far from the airport in santa clara, a small crowd of fans had gathered. none of the players came out from meet and greet but several gave high fives through their car windows as they drove by. >> some were really nice. some we were screaming but we couldn't see. it was great. >> reporter: the people who run graphics sports wear glued to last night's game as we all were waiting to see if they could start printing those champion t-shirts which wasn't clear until the last minute of the game.
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once it was obvious san francisco had won, the company started the silk screen printing machines with the goal of printing 16,000 t-shirts before midnight because they had to get them boxed and ready to go on those trucks to be in stores like the 49ers team store here in palo alto in time for morning. again, this store is going to hope at 9:00. if you are thinking of going to new orleans, which is two sundays from now and you have the coin, it is going to cost you a bit. nose bleeds around 2,000. 10,000 if you are on the 50-yard line assuming you can get those tickets. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i like the seat at home. free and i can get to the refridr refrigerator. baltimore celebrating their spot in that super bowl and that matchup means, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to see history. call this one the habbowl or
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maybe even family feud or how about brobowl. niners against big brother jim harbaugh's ravens. first time in nfl history two brothers will coach against each other in that super bowl. we can tell you brothers did square off once before. thanksgiving night back in 2011. in that game, the ravens won it. they beat the niners. this time around, it's jim harbaugh's term. >> what about the parents? how do you deal with that? >> it's not easy. at least one of their boys will win. >> absolutely. the one certainty. there was one very troubling footnote to the niners win in georgia last night. this morning a 35-year-old man is injured after being slashed in the throat in the parking lot of the georgia dome after the game. a witness says the man was wearing falcons gear and was stabbed by a man wearing 49ers gear. so far no arrests have been made. new buzz this morning. 49er receiver michael crabtree
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will likely not be charged with sexual assault. san francisco police did question crabtree about the alleged sexual assault reportedly that happened in a hotel room after the 49ers victory over green bay a week ago. so far he has not been booked or charged in this case. a league source telling espn a second female witness is backing up crabtree's version of the events. new this morning, an overnight shooting killed one person and sent another to the hospital in san francisco. police say the shooting happened on naples street. a 43-year-old man died at that scene. a 35-year-old man was taken to the hospital with what's being called nonlife threatening injuries. the suspected shooter was seen running away from the scene but police only have a very basic description of this person. this is the city's third homicide of the year. also new this morning, firefighters in san francisco searching for the cause of a two-alarm fire at an apartment
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building. firefighters say this one started in a three-story building on 19th and california in the city's richmond district. you can see just flames and smoke bursting through the roof. it took crews about 45 minutes to finally knock this one down. happy to report nobody was hurt. the total of nine people have not yet been allowed to return to their homes. good morning to you. it's 6:09. meteorologist christina loren standing by to give us a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. if you have to get to work this morning, give yourself extra time to warm up your vehicle although i will tell you right now we gave mike the day off because traffic is very light out there. if anything happens, we'll let you know. 40 degrees in san francisco. 27 to start in petaluma. frigid in wine country. 30s and 40s. cold enough for a coat. layer up today. really comfortable finish to the afternoon. 30 degrees in gilroy. 37 right now in san jose. weather headlines tell the story for the week. today we'll get close to 70 degrees especially in the south bay where we expect our warmest
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temperatures. clouds will increase a little bit tomorrow. we expect more patchy fog off the bat. mild conditions will prevail all of the way through tuesday and then wednesday things start to change. we'll see cooler temperatures and a return of rainy days. a wet pattern to show you when we get to the seven-day outlook. upper 60s for today. 65 degrees at the coast. my seven day ready to go in that next report. help you plan around the upcoming rain showers. that's coming up soon. back to you guys for now. >> i can deal with 60s though. sounds good. >> 60 is reasonable. sunshine to go with it. 6:10 right now. more trouble on the tarmac. tires blow as a plane touches down and then veers off of a runway overnight. the latest on this investigation just ahead. it's a big anxious week for tech. we'll look coming up in business news.
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welcome back, everybody. inauguration number two set to go off for president obama today in the nation's capital out in washington d.c. it's also dr. martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. quite the day out there. music. celebration. big performances. of course a lot of people wondering what michelle obama is going to be wearing. we'll keep you posted. it's 6:13. in just hours president obama will deliver his inaugural address laying out the vision for his second term. he'll likely save details remarks for the state of the union in february just some three weeks away. jim is a professor of political science. good morning. president obama delivering the state of the union in a few weeks. today's speech a preview of that? >> to a certain extent his themes will be broadly -- the problems facing the united states and what he has in mind. i don't think he'll get into too many specifics in the address today. i think he'll be talking about
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unity and getting together to solve our problems. because even though there are a lot of specific items like gun control, the economy, that he wants to address, he cannot get any of those things done if congress doesn't cooperate with him. pleas for unity will be a strong theme of this inaugural address because he does need congress to come together behind him. that's one of the lessons he learned in the first four years is you can have an ambitious agenda but if congress doesn't cooperate you won't be successful with that. >> can he bridge a gap between parties in the second term. we are making progress on that. john boehner tried to get his own party together. he's taken a few of the more extreme people in his party off of their committee assignments to try to get them onboard so that he can negotiate deals with the president. it's been very difficult. sometimes he'll negotiate something with the president and then his own party doesn't cooperate. i think there will be a little bit more effort especially in
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this first year to try to come together and get some things done. but time will tell. >> okay. if you were going to summarize, what's on his agenda for the next four years? i know that's a tall order. do your best. >> in many ways it will be a continuation because obviously he had an ambitious agenda the first term and didn't get things done. we still have troops in afghanistan. we still have guantanamo bay open. he promised to close that. there are a lot of foreign policy issues on his plate. obviously the economy continues to be a major source of trouble. and the budget. trying to get the debt ceiling increase which seems like a ritual now where we go up to the edge of that cliff and then at the last-minute we deal with that. there still is continuing problems. i think part of the theme is continuity trying to address the problems that have persisted over the last four years. >> thank you so much. we'll talk to you one more time. thank you so much. the time now is 6:16. right now we want to give you a check of the day's top stories. the san francisco 49ers on top of the world heading to the
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super bowl. the team arriving at san jose international airport last night after beating the falcons 28-24. it was a spectacular victory. they'll face the baltimore ravens in super bowl xlvii in two weeks. 100 people are allowed to return to their homes near sacramento after a freight train derailed sunday morning. hazmat crews had to evacuate the entire neighborhood when a clear substance started leaking from one of the cars. that liquid was not dangerous. five of the six suspects accused in the rape and death of a medical student in india will be in an indian courtroom today. president say they plan to push for the death penalty. the sixth suspect is not appearing in court today because he is a minor. federal investigators now looking into a frightening landing at newark's new jersey liberty airport. a plane blew four tires as it landed and then veered off the runway. a port authority spokesperson
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say it veered on a taxiway and did not hit anything. the express flight was carrying 13 people and no one was hurt. 6:17. no trading on wall street this morning. markets are closed for dr. king's birthday. >> scott mcgrew tells us anxiety over apple does not take a holiday. >> good morning. wall street has lots of things to be anxious about. apple is indeed at the top. apple shares have been on a downward path for some time now. a number of reports of reduced orders for components. a sign that apple is selling fewer dwrievices. we'll know more wednesday when they report profit. tech has not done well this earnings season. over the weekend a bizarre press conference and announcement at a party in new zealand has big tech guy kim dotcom unveiled a new line called mega.
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now dotcom and that is his lel name faces american charges despite that he's a german and lives in new zealand. he has a long history of various charges but judges and even the prime minister of new zealand expressed doubts about the american case against him. also over the weekend, memorial in new york for internet pioneer aaron schwartz. the young man facing hacking charges who took his own life earlier this month. many in the tech community also feel the feds were overreaching in the schwartz case as well. in fact, a federal judge said if schwartz were guilty so be many of us. several instances here, jon and marla, where the obama administration and the justice department are tracking two different tech executives. people think they shouldn't be. so some displeasure against the obama administration even today on inauguration day from the tech community.
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>> okay. we know you'll keep an eye on it for us. thank you very much. if you have the day off, get ready for a very pleasant day on this mlk, jr., holiday. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. we have a really good looking forecast for today. it's going to hold up for tomorrow as well and then changes start to arrive. you really want to get out there and enjoy it while you still can. 37 degrees. good morning to you, san jose. 30 in gilroy. if you do have to get going this morning, give yourself extra time and travel cautiously as we do have cold enough conditions for some ice out there. 28 degrees for example in napa. ten degrees warmer santa rosa to napa. look at that. that's what the fog will do. you want to travel cautiously. a little bit of fog reported right now up in the napa area. and that should be clearing here before we hit 9:00 a.m. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. also got better air quality. moderate. spare the air a few times last week. this morning we're starting out good department when it comes to air quality and the warmth we're expecting.
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high pressure is fully in control. it will take the track to the north for today. a good looking forecast for outdoor activities if you do have the day off get out and enjoy it with rain coming back in the forecast as early as wednesday. today upper 60s. hazy side. not too bad out there. get outdoors for four to five hours without a coat on. 70 degrees in gilroy. 68 in los gatos. 70 degrees in santa cruz. beautiful conditions continue for the first part of the week. then we see changes. i want to spend time and walk you through your seven-day forecast. talk about the changes coming our way. by wednesday the clouds increase. it gets colder around here. temperatures will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. some fog and drizzle. then as we get into thursday, temperatures will stay nice and mild for the end of the week. thursday and friday look good. a few more clouds and better air quality with onshore flow and saturday into sunday the rain arrives. the jet stream comes back to the south. that means the storm window opens up and we're expecting potential potentially five consecutive days of rain. as of right now at 6:21, we're
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one hour away from our official sunrise. 7:21 this morning. back to you guys. >> we look forward to that. thank you. 6:21. coming up, sharks on the ice in canada and sharks in the water in australia. we'll tell you why grandfather got into a wrestling match with a dangerous predator just ahead. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. a good chance by now you heard the 49ers are super bowl
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bound but we'll tell you that's not the only bay area sports story making headlines. how about sharks love off there off to an impressive start to their season with decisive victory over the calgary flames in canada last night. final score 4-1. well played. the sharks home opener will take place thursday night. meantime a local taking top spot honors at the mavericks surf competition at half moon bay. peter mel winning that top prize. congratulations, peter. he's been chasing that mavericks crown now for a decade. this one marking his very first win. the alleged matter mind behind the hoax involving manti te'o may come forward and tell all. the uncle says the family will meet to discuss the situation this week. he's said to be a friend of te'o who posed as te'o's girlfriend online. te'o said her death from
6:24 am
leukemia helped inspire him on the field. the whole story was exposed last week as a fraud. te'o insists he's a victim and was not involved in the hoax. he'll share his story on camera with katie couric this thursday. here's one of those headlines you don't hear very often. grandpa versus jaws. it appears one of the ocean's most dangerous predator is no matched for a determined 62 year old. that grandfather, a british tourist vacationing in australia spotted a shark in shallow waters. the 62-year-old and another man grabbed the shark by the tail and they were playing in nearby water and saved by that man. ultimately they pushed the shark back out toward open water. now that grandpa is a hero and probably going to be interviewed by many. no one injured. >> i want to know his background. no hesitation.
6:25 am
>> forget aarp. it's time to join pro world wrestling. the dude has got it. flex appeal. >> meteorologist christina loren looking at our forecast now. a very nice day on this mlk, jr., holiday. if you are headed outdoors for a day of service, that's what we're committing to today. it will be really nice. anything you need to do apply sunscreen before you head outdoors. 6:26. a live look at that sun making its way slowly trying to make its way above the horizon. your official sunrise is at 7:21. the sun will set at 5:21. ten hours of daylight. 68 inland. bayside 66. 65 degrees at the coast. back to you. >> 6:26. still ahead, sights and sounds as world witnesses a new chapter in u.s. history. the performances the presidential address and ever important luncheon menu at today's inauguration. it's all just ahead.
6:26 am
an early morning live look at the golden gate bridge with traffic flowing smoothly on this martin luther king day holiday. hopefully it will stay light all day for you. get you to work or wherever you may be heading in a hurry. back in minutes.
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flames, smoke, sirens and suspicion. the investigation into what caused part of south san francisco city hall to catch fire overnight. a live look outside san francisco home of the 49ers. the weekend's warm weather stay with us all week? christina has your forecast just ahead. >> from west coast to the east coast. a live look at washington, d.c. that's st. john's episcopal church where the obamas are attending a service right now before today's inauguration on this monday, january 21st. this is "today in the bay."
6:29 am
good morning. it is 6:30. a live look at the nation's capital this morning where hours from now president obama will recite the oath of office in front of an estimated 800,000 people. good morning. thanks for spending time with us on this monday morning. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. yes, an epic day out there. earlier this morning we saw the obama and biden families attending church. the first step in a day filled with pomp and circumstance and energy out there. let's bring in "today in the bay's" tracie potts with a look at the national celebration to welcome back its america's president. good morning. >> reporter: as crowds poured on the capitol grounds and parade route this mornings the first
6:30 am
couple headed to church in inauguration day tradition. president obama takes the stage this morning having already been sworn in at the white house sunday. >> the last one was kind of fast. so we've all agreed that we're going to take some time to just breathe in and enjoy it. >> reporter: they are pulling up temporary plastic this morning as hundreds of thousands witness the second inauguration of america's first black president. >> it means a whole lot. it's something that i never fathomed. >> reporter: many traveled hundreds of miles just to get a glimpse. >> he leaned forward and waved. i saw him directly. it made me happy. >> reporter: at a reception last night, the president had advice for those standing for hours in the cold today. >> make sure to bundle up. not as cold as it was four years ago. >> reporter: eight parade floats honoring the first and second family's home states and civil rights. richard blanco, first latino and first openly gay inaugural poet.
6:31 am
>> that sense of unity is what i want to bring across. >> reporter: no one is more excited than new york's public school students. >> it's going to be good. >> reporter: thousands of extra security officers have been sworn in. a 30-mile no-fly zone over the city. 150 city blocks around the capitol shut down. >> we have to be prepared for everything. >> reporter: the end of months of planning, the beginning of a new term or as the vice president put it. >> i want you to know something else about this guy, barack obama. he's just getting started. >> reporter: and here at the capitol things are just getting started. the cute kids that you just saw we we're listening to them sing right now. a part of this program, this final program, final inauguration for president obama. >> tracie potts, clearly you have juice out there. it's good to be tracie potts. you have a front row seat out
6:32 am
there. can you give us an idea of who will be sitting there behind you on the stage? >> reporter: we've got governors and senators on this side behind me. on the stage right behind president obama and his family and of course their invited guests. on the other side of the family will have the joint chiefs of staff, the u.s. supreme court, the leadership from both the house and senate side and in terms of having juice and having front row seat, if you could see this crowded media podium i'm on, i don't know that you would say i have that much pull around here. it is an absolutely fabulous view for an historic day. >> a lot of people talking about what michelle obama is going to wear. who are you wearing today? >> reporter: what am i wearing today? >> what designer? >> reporter: which designer am i wearing? probably someone you have never heard of it. i wouldn't want to blow the surprise. remember that lemongrass dress
6:33 am
she wore four years ago, the coat and dress was very popular. we'll wait to see what she wears today sporting her brand new bangs. >> thank you, tracie potts. appreciate it. today is also martin luther king, jr., today. in the bay area people will celebrate with a day of service. in san mateo county, volunteers will hold a food drive for second harvest food bank along with a celebration of the arts. in oakland, cleanup events will be held on martin luther king jr. regional shoreline and in fruitvale, several events will be held and caltrain will host the freedom train ride leaving at 9:30 this morning. it is 6:35. almost 6:35. let's check in with christina loren. more of the same this weekend? >> more of the same. hopefully you have the day off to get out there and enjoy it. i know you don't but maybe you
6:34 am
do at home. 30 degrees in gilroy this morning. 31 in livermore. grab your coat this morning in sunnyvale. we'll see another beautiful day. temperatures coming down just a touch but our air quality has improved just a touch as well. we'll take the good with the bad. a little bit of patchy fog this morning. not seeing lot of that. visibility that we're seeing right now is reduced to three miles. that's in santa rosa. clouds increase heading through tomorrow. we'll hold onto mild conditions and then the rain arrives as we get into end of the week. i want to show you when. stay tuned for that. it's coming up in my next report. we'll help you plan accordingly for the week. 68 degrees for today. great looking day for outdoor activities. bayside, 66. 65 degrees at the coast. whether you are going to head out for the day of service or maybe you do have to get to work, it won't be bad at all. you have heater and ac a break later today. 6:35. back to you two for now. new this morning, right now in south san francisco police and fire investigators examining
6:35 am
a suspicious fire at city hall. firefighters say the fire started in a dumpster next to a building on the city hall complex. the flames spread inside the building and damaged some paperwork. investigators say the building is used by the city's building department. they are still trying to determine the exact cause but say it does appear to be suspicious. it is 6:36 right now. still ahead, the bloody aftermath picking up pieces and hunting for answers in the wake of a deadly hostage crisis in algeria. the big jump in the body count. we'll tell you about it coming up. a live look at the city by the bay. that's a picturesque shot as we wait for the sun to rise. set to come up about 7:21. we look forward to that. it is 6:36. stay with us.
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now to the latest on a developing story. the death toll in an algerian hostage situation has now climbed past 80. last wednesday islamist militants attacked the facility and took dozens of hostages. sel investigators say it's unclear how many of the dead are hostages and how many are islamist militants. several of the plant's workers remain unaccounted for. a 15-year-old boy right now under arrest in new mexico accused of shooting and killing
6:39 am
his parents and several siblings. five people were found dead in the family home including a fire department chaplain, his wife and three of their children ranging in age from 9 to 2 years old. so far authorities have not releaseded ed d a motive for sh which happened saturday night in a rural area. much more ahead on "today in the bay." is this the beginning of another dynasty? the 49ers are super bowl bound. we'll show you the happy homecoming overnight and hard work ahead. right now a live look from washington d.c. that is the presidential motorca motorcade. they just left a church ceremony and heading over for an epic day on the national capital there to tell us about what's happening we'll have a live report coming up talking about all of the festivities as they inaugurate president obama for a second time. stay tuned. good morning! wow.
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down 17-0. my son was with me. picked him up. held him for the first touchdown. i knew we were going to win. >> nothing short of a very emotional moment for 49er ceo who like his uncle before him is now leading his 49ers to that super bowl. this morning the 49ers are back at home in the bay area after jumping on a late flight last night. let's be honest. it's unlikely they got much sleep at all. the fans out there waiting in the team's training facility to
6:43 am
give well wishes and that celebration lasting all night and likely well into the morning. the 49ers not the only ones celebrating. baltimore ravens fans cheering big-time on the right there. they'll be representing the afc in the super bowl after a win over tom brady and his patriots. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside of the 49ers team store in palo alto this morning where fans are expected to gather in droves today to try to get their hands on some of that hot new niners nfc championship gear. bob, good morning. >> good morning to you, john. when the team store opens here across from stanford university, wouldn't be surprised if there's a line. doors open at 9:00. not sure how long caps and shirts are going to be here in the store with the declaration of the 49ers already nfc champions. we checked in with people at graphic sports wear last night in san francisco. they were the ones who were also glued to last night's game. not as fans.
6:44 am
i'm sure they're fans but they had to be to figure out who would win that game. it was not clear until the last minute of the game but once it was obvious that san francisco won, that company was able to start silk screen plentying machines. they had a goal of 15,000 t-shirts declaring the niners at the nfc champs. they had to have those done by midnight in order to get them to stores for this morning. >> we're excited that it is happening again. once we get to the super bowl and they are super bowl champions, the numbers are going to double. we're looking forward to that. >> reporter: now, the champions for nfc talking about 49ers arriving back into the bay area and when they got to headquarters, a small crowd of fans gathered. none of the players came fought a meet and greet but several gave high fives through their car windows as they drove by. if you are thinking of hopping a plane yourself to new orleans in
6:45 am
a couple sundays from now, it will cost you. nose bleeds around 2,000 for super bowl. the 50-yard line, 10,000 to 12,000 for those tickets or as jon referred to, chump change, right? >> pocket change. yeah, right, bob. >> reporter: pocket change. got the terminology wrong. >> funny guy. thanks a lot. we'll talk to you later. it's not just the super bowl this year, it's the return of the harbowl. this marks the first time in nfl history that two brothers will coach against each other in the super bowl. the brothers squared off once 49ers 16-6. also among those celebrations, at least one ugly scene here of serious violence. this morning a 35-year-old man hospitalized after being slashed in the throat. that happened in the parking lot of georgia dome after last
6:46 am
night's 49er victory. a witness says the victim was wearing falcons gear and was stabbed by a man wearing 49ers gear. this all broke out of course during a fight. so far we can tell you no arrests have been made. meantime, there is some new speculation this morning. wide receiver 49er wide receiver michael crabtree will likely not be charged with sexual assault. the police have questioned crabtree about the alleged sexual assault that reportedly happened in a hotel room following 49ers victory over the green bay packers a week ago in that divisional playoff round. he's not been booked. he's not been charged in this case and now a league source telling espn a second female witness is right now planning to backup crabtree's version of the events. it was a beautiful weekend here in the bay area. the sun is expected to be rising in the next 30 minutes or so. that's just a great shot from the south bay. that's san jose. expecting to be another great day for more on how the forecast is shaping up, we turn things
6:47 am
over to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. a really good looking day shaping up for your outdoor activities if you have the day off. if you don't have the day off, sorry to disappoint. it's going to be beautiful out there. just sitting next to the window in your office is going to be more pleasant than usual. no fog to report at this point. with he do have visibility starting to drop off. really no patchy dense fog right at the surface. think it's more of a hazy situation up in santa rosa. i'll get to those numbers in just a minute. you can't spend enough time on the beautiful sunrise shot over the bay bridge this morning. spectacular. 40 degrees in san francisco. if you don't have to go to work and you have made us a part of your regular routine, we tip our hats to you. 39 degrees in novato. 37 in san jose. really light drive this morning. we gave mike the morning off. happy to report we don't have any serious collision across the greater bay area. as we head throughout the afternoon hours, we'll lose whatever we see in terms of reduced visibility by 9:00 a.m. hazy out there. not too bad. this morning i think frost is
6:48 am
more of a factor with temperatures in the upper 20s in north bay cities to start. this is an improvement. moderate air quality as you can recall we had spare the air three times last week. no longer is that the case. high pressure still taking the storm track to the north. winds picked up and that helped to purify air quality a little bit. through the next couple days onshore flow will help to improve that situation even more so with the return of the moisture and the fog and the low clouds. but not until wednesday. today and tomorrow we enjoy the upper 60s. even a couple isolated 70s in places like santa cruz and gilroy. 65 in san francisco today. and then wednesday a little bit of fog and drizzle. still staying mild temperaturewise. friday, saturday, sunday, that's when we get significant changes. the cold weather moves back in saturday into sunday. rain starts up late saturday night. lasts sunday, monday, tuesday and potentially wednesday as well. a wet pattern enjoying that sunshine as long as it lasts. we'll be here to keep you all updated as that information
6:49 am
comes into the weather department. back to you. >> thank you, christina. new this morning, one man is dead, another is in the hospital after an overnight shooting in san francisco. police say the two men were shot in the crocker amazon neighborhood about midnight. a 43-year-old man died at the scene. 35 year old was taken to the hospital. he is expected to recover. police only have a vague suspect description. this is san francisco's third homicide of the year. also overnight, a total of nine people were forced out of their homes and have not been allowed to return after a fire in an apartment building in san francisco's richmond district. you can see the flames there shooting right through the roof. that's a three-story building. this took place for more than a half hour before firefighters finally got it down. nobody was hurt. fire investigators right now still trying to determine a cause. meantime, a suspicious fire under investigation at south san francisco's city hall. firefighters say the fire started in two dumpsters next to
6:50 am
a building used by the city's planning commission. crews were able to put it out quickly but some file cabinets and papers inside that building were damaged. no one was hurt. this week caltrans crews starting to repair sections of the bay bridge damaged when it was hit by an oil tanker earlier this month. starting tomorrow workers will begin replacing fenders on that western tower. those fenders were destroyed when a ship sideswiped the bridge on january 7th. officials say the pier itself was not damaged because the fenders did their work and absorbed the impact. the repair work expected to last 4 1/2 months. the ntsb and coast guard say it could take months to determine the cause of the crash. b.a.r.t. riders who travel across the bay last night should expect slight delays starting today. crews will begin the first phase of an earthquake safety project on that transbay tube.
6:51 am
the retro fit is scheduled after 10:00 p.m. to minimize the number of b.a.r.t. riders affected. only one track from that transbay tube will be operating during the construction. brace yourselves for slowdowns for the trains. the work should be done by early february. it is 6:52 now. less than two hours from right now president obama will take the oath of office at the u.s. capitol with an estimated 800,000 spectators looking on. let's give you a live look at washington d.c. some of the choir there. the beginning of president obama's second term will be marked with a day-long celebration but there are also significant challenges ahead. jim is a professor of political science at santa clara university. good morning for you. in terms of the president's short-term agenda, what's on that short-term agenda? >> one of the first items on the president's short-term agenda is gun control legislation. he's been talking about that in his recent speeches and with
6:52 am
newtown massacre that's been an issue that's on the forefront of people's minds. obviously there are strong opinions on both sides of that issue and it may be difficult to get that passed. that's one of the first things. the economy continues to be an issue that attracts his attention and demands his attention in fact. so we will continue to see congress and the president negotiating and debating over what to do about the economy. >> he's been working on the speech for some time. do you expect him to cater to his party? is that the better plan here or best to play it cool and cater to both sides? >> if history is any guide, he'll talk about bipartisanship and trying to find common ground and to compromise and try to get things done for the american people. i think he'll try in his speech to focus on the good of the country and focusing on the people rather than on partisanship. he may, you know, try to talk about long-term things that we need to get done but probably not too many specifics.
6:53 am
in terms of the long-term goals, what would those be? >> continuing to improve the employment situation i think. he wants -- he's talked about the economy and balanced approach in terms of taxes and things like that. he also wants to really focus on how can we continue to grow the economy and create jobs that will get people to work and so that requires probably a little bit of spending, which is something that republicans don't want to hear. that's what his goals are. >> okay. professor, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. when the president takes the oath of office today, it may be deja vu all over again. he took that very same oath less than 24 hours ago. that ceremony just 32 seconds. it happened yesterday at the white house. yesterday's oath was necessary under u.s. law. today is simply a ceremony and will feet you areature a bigger. the inaugural celebration under way out there as we've been
6:54 am
showing you all morning long. we've seen the obama and biden families attending church services at st. john's episcopal church. tracie potts is live outside the west front of the u.s. capitol. a lot of people there. estimated 800,000 people pouring into the capital to hear today's inauguration. you've been there. you're soaking it up. what's the energy like? >> reporter: we've been here since early this morning. it was dark when we got here. we've been here for hours. right now we're listening to a concert. warming up the crowd getting them in a patriotic mood. a few minutes ago we heard from an adorable choir of fifth graders from staten island, new york. public school 22 school choir selected to come here and be a part of all this. all of this part of the p preinaugural ceremony. president obama will give his
6:55 am
final inaugural address. >> with all of those people out there getting close to a million, security extremely tight. can you walk us through and tell us what that process is like? >> reporter: let's talk about the crowd count a minute. we talked about everything between half a million to 800,000. it will be a while before we get an accurate crowd count. looking down the mall and based on my experience from last year, i can tell you -- four years ago -- it's far short of what was four years ago. still my colleague danielle down on the mall says it's a very enthusiastic crowd. in terms of the process, a lot easier than last year. they put up more signs to make it easier for people with colored tickets to get to areas where they need to be. >> nearly 2 million last time. half that so hopefully everything goes smoothly. thank you very much. let's move to silicon valley. >> scott mcgrew begins with google. >> good morning to you. markets are closed this morning but we will watch google tomorrow report its profits. we're in the middle of earning
6:56 am
season. tech has been a big disappointment. apple reports its earnings on wednesday. we'll be watching those as well. this is one of nine days the market is closed on a weekday due to martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> let's get one final check on that beautiful weather ahead. christina loren is here to tell us about it. >> christina loren is here and she's getting ready to enjoy the day off. i hope you have the day off as well. temperatures are going to be nice and mild in upper 60s as we get into tomorrow low clouds and drizzle return. when we meet back here we'll probably be tracking some thick fog tomorrow. enjoy that sunshine for today while it lasts. back to you, jon and laura. >> thank you. let's get one final check of some of day's top stories. sacramento kings could soon have a new home. team's current majority owners expected to announce they struck a deal to sell their stake in the team to a seattle group moving the team to seattle.
6:57 am
the nba still must approve the sale. more than 100 people living near sacramento are returning after they were forced to evacuate because of a train redair derailment. investigators ultimately determined the liquid is not hazardous. president obama taking the oath of office. we've been talking about this one all morning long. a lot of ceremonies and singing and good vibrations. his second time of doing that this morning. th it will be in front of 800,000 people out there in the nation's capital. they started the morning by attending services at church. the inaugural address is now expected to happen just before 9:00 a.m. our time and good news is if you can't catch it all live, you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. right now we are giving you a live look at everything that is under way in washington d.c. you can see a choir there at the
6:58 am
nice nation's mall where a million people are expected to gather, which is about a million less than in 2008. >> and security again i heard a really good interview where they said this is such a process because you can't just plan for the entire city. you take it block by block and secure it down and they want to make sure it's smooth. the last time four years ago issues with people trying to get around and a lot of people, thousands stuck in a tunnel and didn't get to see the oath after spending hours trying to get in. they want a smooth sail this time. >> what an undertaking. a friendly reminder here in terms of programming note, the "today" show will take it from here at 7:00. we do not have an 11:00 a.m. newscast. we'll stick with the inauguration through 1:00 this afternoon. enjoy the president a.ial inauguration with a gorgeous shot over the mall in washington d.c. >> it looks warmer than four years ago. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
6:59 am
the president and first family arriving back at the white house after church services this morning as we get to witness one of the great american traditions of all time. nbc news continuing coverage of the inauguration of president obama continues now. >> announcer: from nbc news, the second inauguration of barack obama, live from washington, here is brian williams. and good day as we look down the length of the mall to the capitol dome as the crowds are assembling. it won't be the 2 million americans we witnessed four years ago, but it will be substantial. expected to be a record crowd for a second anaugural as we look towards the washington monument, the lincoln memorial. our team


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